Doming is a fantastic way of enhancing your products or company and this is largely because dome labels can be made to almost any size, shape and backing. Let’s be honest, there is an abundance of different label printing options available to businesses and consumers today. Labels are available on basically every product imaginable and furthermore, they are also required for businesses across a variety of different industries.

Due to the vast variety, it can often lead to a consumer being confused about what label they want or better yet, which label option is best suited to their product. And because there are so many options available, some consumers may not be sure what the specific technical name is of the type of label they are looking for.


So what is doming?

Doming is the application of a clear polyurethane resin that is applied to a two-dimensional surface that creates a three-dimensional clear lens to enhance the look of your product. Doming offers a branding option that reduces scuffing, lowers the impact of damage and UV factors and long lasting. In short, doming adds value to any shape or size on non-porous material by coating the surface with a thick layer of polyurethane resin. The resin is tough, durable and cannot be easily scratched or dented.


When do you use doming?

Doming enriches the look and feel of any product and has many applications across different industries. Some examples of the uses of dome labels are as below

  • Promotions products which can be used to promote a business, brand or service including badges, key chains, pens, and stationery.
  • Signage can be transformed into high-impact, durable products when domed.
  • Industrial and consumer products can be branded with domed labels to enhance a specific brand elements such as logos, names, serial numbers and even bar codes.
  • Awards, trophies, medals, badges and gifts

To summarise, dome labels can be used on many non-porous materials such as plastics, glass, metal and wood.


How is it made?

The process of creating a dome label is actually quite simply, understandably you need to seek a professional supplier to print the dome label for you. First you need to decide on the dome label you want to make. You then need to decide on the shape, the sizing and the type of application you would like to use. Once you have decided on these factors, your custom-designed label is then printed directly onto your chosen non-porous material. The resin is then applied to the material at roughly 4mm in height and is then left to dry.


Where can I go domed labels?

Dash labels manufacture custom print dome labels of almost any size and shape that are produced on specialised materials for extra durability. Dash Labels offers more than thirty years of custom label printing and design. Contact Dash Labels today to find out more about doming and how we can assist you with creating your custom-designed label. Remember that dome labels are available in various sizes and materials and will give you the flexibility and quality results that you need.