DASH Labels

Dash Labels services all types of industries for both local and international businesses. We provide services to all African and European countries and over the years we have proudly worked with companies all over the world. We have experience in providing solutions for a variety of industries, which include the following, but are not limited, to these industries:

Health, beauty & nutraceuticals


Breweries, winery and distilleries

Speciality Food & Beverages

Industrial products

Distributors, resellers and agencies



Packaging & Security

Our label printing services include…

Computer Labels

Offering an extensive range of computer labels that are effective for all applications and guaranteed to provide optimum printing efficiency. Our computer label range includes, sprocket punched and fan folded labels for track and feed dot matrix printers, (continuous stationery labels). Laser printer safe sheeted labels blank or customised, specialised fan folded and sprocket punch materials available on request.

Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are designed for each product to ensure products can be tracked correctly or for product identity throughout your business regardless of your industry. We create custom barcode labels that are pressure sensitive, do not smudge and are durable for use on all applications. Sequential barcoding is available as an option.

Security Labels

Security Labels are used for brand protection, tamper seals, anti-counterfeiting and pilferage seals.  Security labels can be used as a management tool in retail industry to label, record and track stock. These labels often include a barcode and/ or an individual value that is sequential in increment from the next.

Courier Labels

Our high quality, durable and easy to use courier labels are manufactured to withstand the courier transportation process. Our courier label range can be customised to meet your business needs and are designed to be user friendly.

Promotional Labels

Our custom promotional labels offer premium labels with promotional features designed to enhance brand performance and drive sales. We are dedicated to making promotional labels of the high quality by using the best possible materials.

Chemically Resistant Labels

We produce chemically resistant or chemical labels that are specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental or product factors. Our chemical labels are light, heat, scuff and chemical resistant to ensure that the labels stays secure on chemical products and maintain the information they are designed for to protect your customers and your business. 

Vinyl Labels

Our custom vinyl labels allow a variety of features designed to offer start-up’s and small quantity high impact labelling for emerging products within your business, or as a solution for a start-up business without the concerns of pre-press costs and tooling costs. Freedom of design and labelling shape and finish is unlimited.

Fresh Produce Labels

Fresh produce labels need to be durable and custom made to suit your business. We offer high quality and compliant labels for speciality foods, agriculture and produce labels that can be used on produce, containers and price tags. We offer a cost effective and high quality solution.

Multi Cut Labels

Multi cut labels are required when a part of the entire label needs to be removed after the main label has been applied to it’s intended product. This can include sequentially varied information or other.

Thermal Labels

Thermal labels are primarily used in thermal printers that do not use a ribbon for print transfer but rather the image is ‘burnt’ into the heat sensitive material via heat transfer. This technology is used widely in the butchery and bakery markets where a ‘scale’ label is printed to detail the product, price and barcode at the till point. They may be pre-printed with a company logo in full colour or however required.

Thermal Printers

All of the thermal printing machines we sell come with the option to print on standard materials such as semi-gloss paper, polypropylene materials being white or clear. In these instances, a thermal ribbon is inserted into the machine and is the carrier of the ink that will be heat transferred to the label.

The second facility these machines have is to print onto direct thermal label stock material. In this case, there is no need to insert a ribbon into your printer, but rather the heat sensitive pre-cut label stock only. The printer head ‘burns’ the image directly into the material.

Peel and Read Labels

Peel and read labels offer a solution when you require more than one page or image on a label. Used as a multi-page or extended label that can assist with a label that has limited space but requires more information.

Peel and reads also work very well for competition and promotional labelling where there may be hidden coding required.

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